Carrabba's Olive Oil
Carrabba's Olive Oil

Our Olive Oil

April 14, 2014 -

I’ve had the pleasure of traveling the world looking for the best ingredients to feature in our handmade dishes at Carrabba’s. One of the key ingredients in our kitchen is Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We use it in nearly all of our dishes starting with our Olive Oil and Herb Dipping Sauce and our housemade sauces, pastas and many of our wood-grilled favorites. Even our pizza wouldn’t be as delicious without it!

The very best Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from olives harvested at just the right time of year and is unfiltered and first cold-pressed. At Carrabba’s we use our very own specially-blended varietal fusion known as a coupage. Like wine, there are varietals of oil, it is heat and light sensitive, and its flavor is a direct reflection of the earth where the olives are grown. Our EVOO comes from hand-selected orchards and, in my humble opinion, is one of the finest olive oils I’ve ever tasted. The unfiltered taste is brightest when the oil is used for dipping, drizzling, used in vinaigrettes and tossed with fresh vegetables.

Buon Appetito!