Cheers to Chianti

May 17, 2014 -

Just like in Italy, at Carrabba’s our love for Chianti is practically a way of life. To better understand why we love Chianti so much, we caught up with Ken Lennox, Carrabba’s own Director of Beverage and lover of all things liquid. Take it away, Ken!

One thing that people don’t know about Chianti is that it is only harvested in the Tuscan region of Italy, and that they date back hundreds of years in Italian history. In fact, one of the four Chiantis on our menu, the Gabbiano Chianti, comes from an estate in the heart of the Chianti Classico region of Tuscany that’s been growing grapes and olives since the 12
th century!
Chiantis are also classified by age. For example, a Riserva Chianti has been aged for a minimum of 3 years, while other Chiantis may only be aged for 7 months. Whether you can already taste the difference between Chiantis or not, here are 4 easy steps to perfect your own Chianti palette.
  1. Look: look at the color to see the depth, density and saturation of the wine. Over time you will learn to recognize varietal grapes by color and scent.
  2. Smell: give the glass a swirl and take a quick, short sniff. There are thousands of aromas in a great glass of wine. You don’t need to identify them all…just enjoy!
  3. Taste: sip and swirl the wine in your mouth. You’ll taste a wide range of fruit, flowers, herbs, minerals, barrel and other flavors. Savor each one!
  4. Cheers: just like they do in Italy, say Benissimo!
Chiantis are dry, red wines known for their unique blend of fruity and floral flavors.  You can try all 4 of our Chiantis during your next Carrabba’s visit with a Chianti Flight we are currently offering for a limited time!
Ken Lennox
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