Linguine with Clams
Linguine with Clams

Discover the Dish: Linguine with Clams

June 24, 2014 -

This week on La Pasta Vita, you got a taste for our Linguine with Clams, which is all about what simplicity and perfection means in the Carrabba’s Kitchen. Today, Chef Jay talks about how we’ve refined this classic Italian dish.

This dish uses one of the most classic pasta shapes in Italian cooking – Linguine. Linguine is flat on both sides and is one of the more slippery pasta shapes we cook with. This strand of pasta pairs best with light, olive oil based sauces and in this case, we add a little bit of shrimp stock to the olive oil sauce in order to bring out the richness of the dish. We keep this dish simple by finishing with sweet clams so that you can really taste each ingredient.

Ciao y’all!