Father’s Day

June 12, 2014 -

One of the founding fathers of Carrabba’s style cooking, Mr. C is responsible for many of the delicious dishes and techniques we still use at Carrabba’s today. In the old days, Johnny’s dad loved grilling in the backyard, cutting and cooking steaks, and making sausage from scratch. He was the original grill-master, and he had a reputation for grilling the best chicken in town!

Mr. C is also responsible for creating of our grill baste – the special mixture of oils, spices and fresh ingredients that’s world renown for its delicious flavor profile. A purist when it came to the open flame, Mr. C would only grill with real wood – like oak and pecan. Today, we carry on his tradition and commitment to using the best ingredients in all of our Carrabba’s restaurants!

Marsala di Carrabba

This Father’s Day, we hope you’ll join us with your family to enjoy our Marsala di Carrabba – a delicious piece of grilled chicken and a grilled steak topped with our uniquely flavorful Marsala sauce! As Mr. C would say, “Can you really ask for anything better?”

Buon Appetito!