Limoncello: From the Grove to the Glass

Limoncello: From the Grove to the Glass

To introduce our new Limoncello cocktails, we caught up with Ken Lennox, Carrabba’s own Director of Beverage and lover of all things liquid. Take it away, Ken!

Limoncello is highly regarded as one of Italy’s most delicious signature liqueurs. Mainly produced in Southern Italy and along the Amalfi Coast, Limoncello has been popular in Italy for over a century because of its refreshing, fresh taste. Naturally, I couldn’t wait to find different ways to bring it to our customers. Today at Carrabba’s, we make our own Limoncello in house with sun-ripened lemons that we zest by hand, then sweeten and steep with Absolut Citron. My team and I are even looking for new ways to incorporate it into our delicious desserts – like our Limoncello Bread Pudding!

Carrabba's Limoncello Cocktails

Carrabba’s Raspberry Limoncello Drop and Limoncello Gimlet.

 With two unique Limoncello cocktails on our menu, there’s never been an easier time to try Limoncello for the first time, or enjoy it again over dinner. For a traditional Limoncello drink with a twist, I recommend our Limoncello Gimlet that’s made with Housemade Limoncello, Hendricks, fresh lime juice, rosemary simple syrup, and club soda. Or discover a fruity new favorite with our Raspberry Limoncello Drop: the perfect combination of our Housemade Limoncello shaken with fresh raspberries and Absolut Citron, then garnished with a fresh raspberry. We hope you enjoy them as much as I do!