15 Reasons to Let Us Do The Cooking Tonight

February 24, 2015 -

If you’re looking for any excuse to not cook tonight, you don’t have to look far. We’ve listed 15 of them below that should fully convince you.

1. There’s no better time for a night out than tonight.15Reasons_0000_1-_-No-Better-Time

2. Dessert is infinitely more delicious that dish duty.

3. Because when was the last time you had an appetizer at home?

4. At Carrabba’s, the only finger you have to lift is the one that picks your favorite dish.

5. Sometimes there’s nothing more unappetizing than the grocery store.

6. When your kids are happy, you’re happy.

7. Dinner spent in front of the TV doesn’t really count as dinner.15Reasons_0006_7-_-TV_Dinner

8. Mom and Dad always deserve a night off.15Reasons_0007_8-_-Mom-+-Dad-night-off

9. There’s always a chance that trying a new dish means finding a new favorite. Have you had Pollo Rosa Maria yet?Pollo Rosa Maria

10. Freshness is never overrated.

11. Odds are your kitchen doesn’t have an authentic Italian wood-fire grill.15Reasons_0010_11-_-Odds-are

12. If you can’t decide what to cook, you probably don’t feel like cooking in the first place.

13. Nothing brings the family together like real Italian food.

14. Your pots and pans can’t get dirty if you don’t use them.

15. A night out means a night off to sit back and relax.

Finally convinced? Make sure to add your name to your local Carrabba’s wait list with our new Click-Thru Seating. See you tonight!