One of the founding fathers of Carrabba’s style cooking, Mr. C is responsible for many of the delicious dishes and techniques we still use at Carrabba’s today. In the old days, Johnny’s dad loved grilling in the backyard, cutting and cooking steaks, and making sausage from scratch. He was the original grill-master, and he had […]

Chicken Bryan

For over twenty years, Joel Barker has been a huge part of Carrabba’s. From training in our original restaurant with Johnny and Damian, to scouring the globe for the best ingredients, Joel oversees our menus, our kitchens and our heritage as Carrabba’s Vice President of Research & Development. Odds are, if you’ve been to Carrabba’s […]

Carrabba's Olive Oil

I’ve had the pleasure of traveling the world looking for the best ingredients to feature in our handmade dishes at Carrabba’s. One of the key ingredients in our kitchen is Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We use it in nearly all of our dishes starting with our Olive Oil and Herb Dipping Sauce and our housemade […]