Fettuccine Carrabba

Pasta comes in more than 600 different shapes and sizes. Using the right pasta shape can make all the difference when it comes to cooking the perfect dish, and it’ll make eating pasta that much more enjoyable. At Carrabba’s, we are always asking ourselves “What’s in a shape?” Below are six examples of pasta shapes, […]


Awesome Facebook Chat yesterday Amicis! I really enjoyed talking to all of you, and was happy to find out that many of you are interested in where our house wine comes from. Our chefs source wines from all over Italy in search of the perfect complement to the many different flavors at Carrabba’s. Our house wine […]

Healthy Kids Meals

At Carrabba’s, we believe it’s important for the family to gather around the table and share a meal together. We do understand, however, that during the back-to-school hustle and bustle, it can not only be a challenge to find the time to cook a meal for everyone, but also ensure that it’s both delicious and […]

Sparkling Sangrias

Happy Wine Wednesday! At Carrabba’s, we love to celebrate life’s moments, whether big or small, so why not celebrate the middle of the week with $10 off bottles of wine and $5 sangrias*? Sangria is naturally a celebratory drink for family and friend gatherings. The sweetness of the fresh fruits combined with the complexity of […]

Limoncello: From the Grove to the Glass

To introduce our new Limoncello cocktails, we caught up with Ken Lennox, Carrabba’s own Director of Beverage and lover of all things liquid. Take it away, Ken! Limoncello is highly regarded as one of Italy’s most delicious signature liqueurs. Mainly produced in Southern Italy and along the Amalfi Coast, Limoncello has been popular in Italy […]


Just like in Italy, at Carrabba’s our love for Chianti is practically a way of life. To better understand why we love Chianti so much, we caught up with Ken Lennox, Carrabba’s own Director of Beverage and lover of all things liquid. Take it away, Ken! One thing that people don’t know about Chianti is that […]