Cozze in Bianco

In the Carrabba’s kitchen, we’re all about using the best possible ingredients to produce delicious food – like one of my favorites Cozze in Bianco. What makes this dish so fresh tasting is how we take the time to select higher quality ingredients. Over the years, we’ve found that the best mussels are rope-grown in […]

Carrabba's Olive Oil

I’ve had the pleasure of traveling the world looking for the best ingredients to feature in our handmade dishes at Carrabba’s. One of the key ingredients in our kitchen is Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We use it in nearly all of our dishes starting with our Olive Oil and Herb Dipping Sauce and our housemade […]

Carrabba's Wood-Oven

In each Carrabba’s restaurant you’ll find a traditional, Italian-style wood-oven. We use them to cook many of our signature dishes – from our pizzas to our al forno pastas. Because of the high temperatures that it can reach, each dish that’s fired in our wood-oven takes on a delicious, unique flavor profile. It’s that kind […]