Today we celebrate one of the most amazing dishes in Italian cuisine, lasagne. Every day at Carrabba’s, we make fresh batches of lasagne using the family recipe passed down from generation to generation. There’s a lot of love and care that goes into each layer of sauce and cheese, and we’re going to show you […]

Linguine with Clams

This week on La Pasta Vita, you got a taste for our Linguine with Clams, which is all about what simplicity and perfection means in the Carrabba’s Kitchen. Today, Chef Jay talks about how we’ve refined this classic Italian dish. This dish uses one of the most classic pasta shapes in Italian cooking – Linguine. […]

Penne Romano with Grilled Chicken

Since you learned what it takes to make pasta the Carrabba’s way, this week on La Pasta Vita, let’s hear from Chef Jay about a pasta dish that’s so good you’ll want seconds: our Penne Romano with Grilled Chicken. When we came up with our Penne Romano with Grilled Chicken, it was clear it would […]

Perfect Pot of Pasta

Salt, water, time and love. Those are just a few things that go into the making of every bowl of Carrabba’s pasta. This week on La Pasta Vita, we’re talking about what it takes to make pasta according to our ridiculously high standards.  

Cavatappi Rustica

This week on La Pasta Vita, we took a look at some of our favorite pasta shapes. Today, let’s dig in with Chef Jay and explore our Cavatappi Rustica – one of our delicious Pasta Seconds dishes with its own unique pasta shape. One of our favorite pastas to work with in the Carrabba’s kitchen […]

Pasta Shapes

At Carrabba’s, we constantly ask ourselves “What’s in a shape?” It helps us think through every detail that goes into the making of unique pasta shapes and how they pair with sauces. Take a look at some of the pastas we use in your favorite Carrabba’s dishes.