Pasta Shapes

At Carrabba’s, we constantly ask ourselves “What’s in a shape?” It helps us think through every detail that goes into the making of unique pasta shapes and how they pair with sauces. Take a look at some of the pastas we use in your favorite Carrabba’s dishes.


Ever wonder how to make the perfect pasta and sauce pairing? Here’s what Carrabba’s own Chef Jay had to say about how he managed to pull it off with the new Conchiglie Bolognese. Just like our hand-prepared sauces, we carefully select our pastas for their unique properties. In this case, we decided to use conchigile […]

La Pasta Vita

At Carrabba’s, no detail is too small, whether it’s the thickness of our custom made rigatoni, or the ratio of salt to water that we use for fresh pasta. We cook and create our dishes with one simple Italian belief: delicious is in the details. Enjoy our new series – La Pasta Vita – for […]