Chicken Bryan
Chicken Bryan

The Story Behind Chicken Bryan

April 17, 2014 -

For over twenty years, Joel Barker has been a huge part of Carrabba’s. From training in our original restaurant with Johnny and Damian, to scouring the globe for the best ingredients, Joel oversees our menus, our kitchens and our heritage as Carrabba’s Vice President of Research & Development.

Odds are, if you’ve been to Carrabba’s you’re familiar with our Chicken Bryan. It’s one of my personal favorites and one of our signature dishes. You might be surprised to know that Chicken Bryan is actually named in honor of the town where the Carrabba family first settled after arriving from Sicily – Bryan, Texas.

It is made with  some of our favorite ingredients and grilling techniques passed down from the Carrabba family, like Mr. C’s special grill baste and a unique domestic goat cheese similar to Italy’s Caprino. Many of you have enjoyed it so much we’ve created other dishes featuring the same delicious flavors. If you love Chicken Bryan as much as I do, try Chicken Bryan Pizza or the Chicken Bryan Panini the next time you visit us. You can enjoy a new spin on an old favorite!

Buon Appetito!