Cavatappi Rustica
Cavatappi Rustica

Discover the Dish: Cavatappi Rustica

May 14, 2014 -

This week on La Pasta Vita, we took a look at some of our favorite pasta shapes. Today, let’s dig in with Chef Jay and explore our Cavatappi Rustica – one of our delicious Pasta Seconds dishes with its own unique pasta shape.

One of our favorite pastas to work with in the Carrabba’s kitchen is Cavatappi – which literally translate to corkscrew. This corkscrew shape is perfect for holding on to a thicker sauce.

For our Pasta Seconds promotion, we created Cavatappi Rustica. We chose this pasta as the perfect pairing because unlike a flat noodle, each curve in the Cavatappi can hold on to plenty of this Rustic-style sauce of sausage, some bell peppers, and capers, so that you get the right amount of sauce with every bite.

Hope you enjoy this new dish!

Ciao y’all