Discover Conchiglie Bolognese

May 1, 2014 -

Ever wonder how to make the perfect pasta and sauce pairing? Here’s what Carrabba’s own Chef Jay had to say about how he managed to pull it off with the new Conchiglie Bolognese.

Just like our hand-prepared sauces, we carefully select our pastas for their unique properties. In this case, we decided to use conchigile – which gets its name from the Italian word for “shell”. It’s perfect for our thick, meaty Bolognese. Think of each shell as a little bowl full of delicious sauce.

Our Bolognese sauce is actually a special blend of two of our favorite hand prepared sauces: our Pomodoro sauce, and our meat sauce. We simmer these sauces together to unite their unique flavors.

Conchiglie Bolognese

Just like all of our Carrabba’s pasta dishes, our Conchigile Bolognese really comes together in the pan. Tossing a pasta in its sauce is something that’s so fundamental to Italian cooking, there’s actually an expression in Italy for it – saltare in padella – or jumping in the pan.

Now you can have two helpings of this delicious dish for a limited time. See our Pasta Seconds menu