Pasta Primavera
Pasta Primavera

Discover the Dish: Spaghetti Primavera with Wood-Grilled Chicken

May 27, 2014 -

Traditionally in Italy, and even today in more rustic parts of the country, meals are planned and prepared based on what’s available at the market, or even in the garden. For Pasta Seconds, Chef Jay and his team introduced a new dish that’s deliciously seasonal: our new Spaghetti Primavera with Wood-Grilled Chicken.

This is a very simple dish, but every little detail matters. We start by individually cutting and roasting our zucchini and yellow squash separately. Because these vegetables cook at different speeds, we prepare them on their own so that one isn’t overcooked as we cook the others – a small step but one that makes all the difference in the finished product. We also make sure to add in fresh, seasonal favorites like peas and mushrooms to add even more flavor to this dish.

We use a technique that dates back for centuries in Italian cooking by wood-grilling and searing our chicken breast that’s sprinkled with salt, pepper and Italian spices to help bring a deliciously smoky taste to the dish.

Ciao y’all!