Secrets From The Carrabba’s Kitchen

June 26, 2014 -

Through my time training with Johnny and Damian in the original Carrabba’s, I learned many of the cooking secrets that make our dishes unique and delicious. Today, these details are standard practice in every Carrabba’s kitchen.

  • Our Mozzarella Marinara is made by hand daily in each of our restaurants using only fresh sliced whole milk mozzarella and Mama Mandola’s homemade bread crumbs.
  • Johnny Carrabba Sr. still mixes the spice blend for our fennel sausage by hand before sending it to the meat company. He is the only person who knows the recipe.
  • With 24 different fresh ingredients, our traditional Italian minestrone takes a full day of preparation. This soup is served the day after it is made so the flavors have had time to meld.
  • Our lasagne is made by hand daily in each of our restaurants using only fresh pasta sheets, our housemade meat sauce, freshly grated cheeses and herbs.
  • We have fresh herbs delivered to our restaurants 6 days a week. We buy 225,000 pounds of fresh basil a year, which averages out to 80 pounds of basil every month for each location.
  • The BelGioioso family makes our Italian-style Parmesan and Romano cheese exclusively for us and to our specifications. The cheese is delivered to Carrabba’s in wheels and is freshly grated at each of our restaurants every day. We use an average of 200 lbs. of fresh Parmesan and 500 lbs. of fresh Romano a month in each of our restaurants.

Buon Appetito!