Sirloin & Lobster Ravioli
Sirloin & Lobster Ravioli

It’s back! Sirloin & Lobster Ravioli for just $12*

July 1, 2014 -

Nothing beats summer grilling, and nobody can beat our authentic Carrabba’s wood-grill. We cook over a mixture of oak and pecan wood that produces a deliciously sweet and smoky flavor. Alongside our housemade signature grill baste, our fresh ingredients are right at home on the grill in their own temperature zones. Since not all ingredients should be grilled over high heat, we control our wood to produce the right temperature for the right dish.

And, as a special Fourth of July grilling event, we’re bringing back one of your wood-grilled favorites: a 6 oz. Sirloin and Lobster Ravioli for just $12!*

If you ask me, what makes this dish truly  delicious and unique is our special lobster cream sauce and our signature grill baste. Both of these Carrabba’s creations have been in our family for a long time. In fact, it took Mr. C years of experimenting to perfect the combination. Our special grill baste, which is made from a blend of hand-chopped herbs, plays a double role of both tenderizing the meat as it cooks and giving it more flavor. We’re proud to say that even today our grill baste and lobster cream sauce are both still made in house every day.

So that’s the story behind this delicious combination dish. The last day to enjoy this favorite is July 6 so don’t miss out!

Happy 4th of July!

Ciao y’all!

*Prices, products and participation may vary by location